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One attack after another against our freedom. Freedom to education, freedom to speak our mind. I am so fed up with these ideologies and these extremists. All Muslims may not be extremists but their holy scripture certainly is. Not just the Islamic Ideologies but the whole religion concept sickens me to my guts.

I see the response from everyone to this barbaric event at Charlie Hebdo and it overwhelms me. In this era our freedom of speech cannot be silenced. Everyone must speak up. Somewhere I saw this quote today “I might not agree with what you are saying but, I will fight till death for your right to say it.” And that I will & everyone should.


This Video Of Scientists Splitting An Electron Will Shock You


Quantum Frontiers

by Jorge Cham.

Ok, this is where things get weird. If quantum computers, femtometer motions or laser alligators weren’t enough, let’s throw in fractionalized electrons, topological surfaces and strings that go to the end of time.

To be honest, the idea that an electron can’t be split hadn’t even occurred to me before my conversation with Gil and Jason. And yet, this goes back to the very essence of the word Quantum: there’s a minimum size to everything. For electrical charge, that minimum is the electron.

Or so we thought! According to my friend, Wikipedia, the discovery of the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect in the 1980’s showed that you can form quasi-particles (or “bubbles” as Gil and Jason explain in the video) that carry 1/3 of an electron charge under certain 2D conditions. The 1998 Nobel Prize was awarded for this discovery, although, ironically, they had to split it in three (two…

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Beggars of the train

I like travelling. Whether its train, bus or plane. I love to go around and visit places. But, sometimes we get to see which is hard to accept. The poverty the suffering in India is unthinkable. Today was one of those days which made me cry. People in India have accepted that the children who don’t have parents or are very poor they will have to beg to eat. Today while I was travelling to Kolkata, there was a kid of maybe 6-7 years old got up the train. At first he was making a noise like clapping so I thought here’s another transgender. But, then he approached to our seats and then I saw that it was just a kid. He was singing, whistling and time to time he was beating himself with a flat wooden piece on his bare back. The place where he was beating himself, there was a dark black coloured swelled area that he had created by beating himself there. I couldn’t look at him. He was hitting himself and then, used to hold where he had hit himself because of the pain. He was doing this just to get a bunch of money so he could eat. But, the most upsetting picture was seeing that nobody was ready to give him money. Why? Because they had given a bunch of money to the transgender that just came a little while earlier. Yes, I agree that transgender community have a lot of difficulty finding job themselves because of the stigma towards transgender people. I do agree that they don’t have it fair themselves. But, I don’t know why people are so much afraid of transgender that they will force you, they will touch you in uncomfortable places and that will be a humiliation for them. So people can’t handle humiliation that’s why they give them the money. But if you give lesser amount of money even like below five rupees or so then also you are going to get humiliated by the transgender. Therefore everyone was giving those 10 rupees each. But just when after fifteen minutes the kid came and asked for money they were sating “here comes another beggar”. They gave the transgender 10 rupees each but didn’t give a single rupee to the kid who was hurting himself to eat. When you ask them why they didn’t give him the money they would say “how many people are we going to give money?”

But the most devastating thing is the government has not done anything to prevent children to come to the streets. They live in the platform, they sweep the train for money, hit themselves, sing and beg. That’s their job and we have accepted it. But my question is why isn’t the government providing them with shelters and education? Why is there no foster care? It was so difficult to see what children are going through to get one time meal for themselves.. They don’t know joy, they don’t have education, they are the unwanted children of poverty.

I wish I was stable. I wish I could hug him and stop him from doing that. I wished to take him to an orphanage or somewhere where he will be taken care of. But even I couldn’t do that. Another beggar came in just after that and saw the kid begging to some people at far. She went to him and smacked him and told him to get off the train and not to come in this train. Maybe it was her territory. No kid was allowed to beg in that region. Then she started begging in the name of her lord. Please when you ask for money ask in your name only why does your god need money if he is almighty? I was so angry I would have slapped her right then and there. Are we not human anymore? How can we see these things happen but not do anything? These things consume me and makes me cry to see a child get hit not by any other person but himself. He had already accepted this as his fate. Because cannot see some person hit themselves so they will give him money and that’s how he is going to earn his money. It’s so sad to see him accept this fate as his. I hope he gets a better life than this. I urge people to help children like this and help them build their life well.

The Flaw in our Economy

The genocides and mass killing of people because of war was undoubtedly devastating. But, there is a mass killing going on unseen and unheard of in the name of capitalism, in the name of globalization. Globalization was needed when people didn’t know how to mass produce and how to reduce scarcity. But now the interest lies in creating scarcity so the profit will increase for the industries. Even though the world has plenty of food production to feed the whole world and some more, still people are dying of poverty and hunger. Every four second a person dies of hunger i.e. 21000 each day.

You see when World Bank or IMF lend the money to any government they make the money out of thin air that mean they don’t have any money at all, its just that they have the authority to print money or allow an amount of money to exist. So when they give the money to a government they give it as a debt which has an added interest to it. And the interest rates are generally very high when they lend it to a developing country as they say there is more risk in giving the money to a country which has such low GDP or still struggling to cope with the global market. They clearly know when they are giving a country money that it they will not be able to return the money they borrowed as when every penny of the planet’s money is printed by the central banks then where would the money for the interest come from? “Central bank only right”.

Let me clear the confusion for your understanding. If I am the only authority to print money or create money. I will create a $100 to give to a govt. but I will however add an interest rate of 10% of the capital. So this country has to return me $110 but if I haven’t printed the other $10 then how is this country going to pay me the extra interest? It can only pay me back when it takes extra money that I printed from other source. But that source has also taken the money from me only with debt in return. So that other source will also be in debt no matter what. So the scenario becomes such that the debt can never ever decrease it will go on increasing. If we need to repay our debts we need more money, so we have to print money and for printing money more debt is created. So, there is no way out of this rabbit hole.

When a country is in so much of debt it has to pay back by selling its products and resources like trees, minerals, man power to the big corporations. And because the corporations rule the global market and compete with the local market. It creates a massive losses in local businesses. Because the big corporations have money they can advertise and in fact they invest more money in advertisement than they do in manufacturing the products. That’s how they rule the market. If I show you all day in TV repetitively that my brand of shirts are the best over and over again with your affirming celebrities and known figures in the ads. Then there will come a time that you would start inclining towards the product. And because the local business can’t advertise that much due to lack of capital. They will perish under the corporate. So they will have to do jobs with low pay. Because maximum population of the world is middle class and they are the consumers of the products. If they are not getting a good pay out of their jobs they will reduce their purchases which will in turn reduce our country’s GDP and force the government to take even more loans from the World Bank in order to maintain services like roads, clean water, food, health and military. So the country will be in more debt than before and has to agree with the corporate to exploit even more of their resources no matter how much harm its causing to the country’s population in terms of economic inequalities, pollution, scarcity of food and poverty.

This causes massive bankruptcies all over the world. Very soon many of the countries will be bankrupt or will declare default because they are not able to pay back their debt. And this will cause civil unrest among nations and will have devastating consequences.. That’s why We have to leave the monetary system of economy back and reform a new economy which  will be in interest of the people not corporate. It creates more poverty and economic imbalance than ever. We should form a service based economy. That will be a true economy to live with.

Born Curious

When I was a child I used to hear stories. Stories from my grandfather outside in the moonlight, stories of Rama(A Hindu Mythical God)  stories of Krishna(the same), Stories of heaven and earth, stories of gods and people, heroes and traitors, I always used to immerse in the story imagining how it would be to see that world. Although I didn’t remember the details of the story that he told me I remember imagining Sita being a daughter of a shopkeeper(although he might have narrated it as daughter of a king) and Ram, Lakshman and Sita going to the Jungle near my village for Banvas. When he used to talk about heaven, I remember asking him whether there was any stairs to heaven. He said “of course there is”. Then I asked him where it was. He said “no one has seen it yet” he said “only who die can go there”. Then I started to wonder what kind of stairs would they be. I imagined the stairs very big, like 20 meters across and infinitely elevated to the sky where eyes cannot reach. That is perhaps my first memories of being curious.

Then again I used to wonder about the people who would have to live near the edge of the world because I didn’t know that the earth was round then. I was just a kid. I didn’t bother to ask anyone because I saw the world flat. So it must have an edge. So they must be in a great danger as they might fall down from the edge. Then I wondered “what would happen to someone who would fall? where would he fall? or would he just fall into oblivion never ceasing to fall?” Then I though this is stupid. There must be something that keeps them from falling something like a great wall that is so high like the stairs to heaven that no could in their life could reach the edge to jump across. I used to think that the wall must go so high up to the sky to seal everyone inside this world. Yes I used to think that sky is a rigid thing above which every god resided(that my grandpa told me about). I used to think that because it used to rain from above so there must be water or perhaps ice which melted and fell when became water and sometimes there was showers of ice which we call hail. So I used to see these things and hear what others said and I used to dive deep into my imaginations.

And by the way this was all before the age of 5, these are all those wonderful memories that I have about the world and curiosity about it. And then I grew up gradually and these fantasies were understood through science. Imagine the day I got to know there was a country right beneath our feet on the other side of the world up side down. I was very puzzled with that thought. Because although at that age I got to know that earth was round I didn’t know about gravity. I thought “how are they able to survive then? How come they don’t fall down?” “They must be having something at their feet which ties them down to the ground” I thought. Although eventually I got to know all those answers and the magic behind all of that has vanished. Because I got to know why the things work the way they do. But I am definitely lying when I say the magic was gone. Because today I find myself more curious about stuffs. I feel even though I learnt so much I wanna know everything. I want to learn and teach and communicate to see the beauty that lies behind these wondrous universe. Every bit of puzzle everything that holds the universe together. Those fundamental questions fascinate me more now than they ever did. And I know this for a fact that its not just me who thought like this. Humans are born to be curious. Its in our genes. We wonder at the universe, we ask questions, we find answers, we love puzzles, we are who we are. So why have we stopped learning why the society has beaten out our curiosity out of us? Why stop to wonder when we can see the universe more clearly in its most beautiful and elegant way. Lets dream together, lets be curious.

Have we detected Axions/Dark Matter?

Moral Policing, more like Immoral Policing.

I hate when people think they have the right to judge what we do in public. Of course there is a boundary after which it becomes indecent. But holding hands, a peck on a cheek or a kiss on the lips is not showing vulgarity. It’s showing affection. If they do think that it is indecent that what two persons are doing they shall inform the authority that can be police or security. But instead they take it upon themselves to punish those sinful indecent people. They say they don’t want to spoil their children and society that’s why they are doing this. I don’t get that. They don’t want their kids to grow up in an environment where they are independent to express their affection but they want to grow their children where their parents are beating the young people up for doing so.

I have seen some disturbing videos of moral policing in India that broke my heart. People beating a couple because they were sitting together holding hands in a park bench, bashing into rooms of resorts and beating the young girls up and making video of it.

I don’t get their mentality. Do they have no work or any entertainment in their life that they are doing this so they would feel good about themselves? And there are not just regular people there are some political groups who do this without any consequences.

I know many of the people cross a  boundary sometimes where they become vulgar for the public and if it happens please people, at least you show some decency and ask them to stop if not if it makes you uncomfortable then tell the police or security who is in charge. But, don’t try to take action on your own. If someone does become indecent in public eyes that doesn’t give you the right to show your judgment on them. How does it make you moral and decent? Please act with sanity. And to the people of my age group who are often caught in this act please know your limits.

Anti-Cracker Campaign

Section 377: A shame for India

It’s such a shame to see the SC denying the changes made in case of LGBT community that homosexuality is not a crime. Are they not human. It is natural that a small percentage of people will definitely be homosexual. It’s not only confined to humans but we can see homosexuality in every mammal. So its not that some people choose to be homosexual but nature has made them that way and it is completely normal.

SC denying the rights of LGBT community because there happens to have a very insignificant number of cases seen is not acceptable. No matter how much minor they are they are ultimately a part of our society and they have to have their human rights. If I have the right to marry a girl then they should have the right to marry who they wish. I don’t see what law has to do with this when both the partners are having a relationship with consent. So, what SC is ultimately trying to indicate is that if anyone is minor then they don’t have the right to live as themselves or they won’t be given justice. The law is for the society not against it. No matter how small the percentage of a community is they are a part of the society and we have to respect their rights and how they wanna live they life like. Ultimately this law has to change, its a shame that it still exists.

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