The Indian Postal Service is old and in my opinion very efficient in delivering letters but there’s one thing you can’t deny; and that is they are a bunch of thieves. Don’t blame me because I had to endure the same insult when I ordered something today. I had ordered something from an shopping site from UK. But they regrettably didn’t have India in their list of countries in the address bar. I was surprised. Because I could see all the other countries nearly or more than 50 of them. But it didn’t have India. I mailed a complaint to the site stating my problem. But then I got the following reply.


*I think he meant ‘no longer’ instead of ‘nooner’

If you’re an Indian, then you must have had that experience when you sent something to someone in parcel but they received something different or the other way around. There are so many news in the media where they order an electrical equipment like phone or laptops but instead their boxes are either filled with rocks or some other heavy objects.

The sad part is not only Indians but also the people situated in other countries know this. The above reply that I god amazed me because they said all their packages get stolen when sent to India. Therefore they stopped shipping to India and they aren’t planning to ship to India anytime soon. That’s such a shame to Indians. What kind of people are living in my country? Even Pakistan, Iraq, Iran and countries which I never have even heard of. They are not stealing someone else’s parcels. But Indians Postal Service is so pathetic that they are putting us all to shame.