In a country like India, where we feel privileged if we are browsing youtube without buffering net neutrality is being challenged. As more and more of the population is able to afford smartphones, people are getting used to the internet they love. Whether it being watching the scores online, social media or porno, Indians have started using internet in a huge number. Therefore we are getting acclimated to the internet society no matter how feebly slow the internet connections are. But because the service providers think they aren’t getting enough profit we are facing this issue of net neutrality. They have been defeated in other countries including US from charging extra money for different sites. Now they have come to India because they feel the internet community is not as mature as the others here. But, you see they are forgetting that people who are connected to internet have more exposure to these kind of issues in a very blunt manner. It’s not TV that everything will be filtered. We internet users have access to anything and everything. So these service providers who are just looking a way to become filth rich should realize one day or the other that their costumers are connected to the whole world and they know what net neutrality is. They will get defeated in India too. No one should censor the internet.