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March 2015

Is it not beautiful?

We wonder, for the world is unfathomably mysterious. We awe upon the realizations of simple truths behind the biggest of the architecture. When we are born we are bombarded with the overwhelming reality of the world around us. The chaos, the beauty, the thunder, the lightening, the pleasure, the sorrow and the spectacular realizations behind the simplest of the things. We see the ants, so small, so feeble and tiny; we wonder where they are going. We follow the queue and formation behind only to see them disappear into a hole. We wonder about their world and their culture, their dance and their murmur. We run after dragonflies, squirrels. We try to capture everything and anything. We were hungry for mystery and the awe behind them. We explored our backyard and our friends’. We used to be so full of life.

And then slowly and gradually the wonder fades. Little by little with very unnoticeable speed the spark disappears. The loud start of the music slowly disappears and fades into our ears till it becomes a white noise. Then we search for the wonder the up and the downs. We can’t see or hear anything. Where is the wonder, the beauty of the world I used to be so fascinated about? where are the birds who chirped and annoyed during the morning? Where is my mother’s baby-talk, which used to make me laugh? Has the beauty of the world suddenly disappeared? Is the world not beautiful anymore? But, No. They still are there. The beauty in everything still remains but our minds have moved on. The ecstatic feeling we used to have with these beauties have vanished, eroding our minds and forming a barren and dry desert to live with.

While watching a short video today I wanted to cry. The video was powerful and filled with the ecstasy we search for in our daily lives. I wanted to feel the joy and wonder again and cry. But, I couldn’t. Have I become that person who cannot cry? I felt like I couldn’t even control my emotions anymore. I was so angry at myself for feeling so underwhelmed by these things. The lives we are living have made us incapable of emotions. We are slowly losing our empathy. But, we can’t let that happen. We have to find another mystery and one more riddle to solve. We need to be awestruck again and explore the farthest of our reaches and search for that loud melody again. The feelings that we had before memory, before we could speak; we have to find them; we have to find our inner child again and ask again “is it not beautiful?”


The power of Ideas

We have heard these famous lines “ideas are bulletproof”. Right?! I agree. Ideas are those foundation of our society, culture, our way of living and behavior. Whether good or bad; small or big, they live on indeed. The only reason we have such a comfortable life today is because somewhere someone in the forest had an idea to control fire and make use of it some 200,000 years back. But I saw a video of Michael Schrage who explained how our ideas cost us so much monetarily and also with respect to time. But, I completely disagree with him as we are who we are because of the ideas our ancestors and we ourselves have. If Edison had not pursued his ideas and had not tested his ideas where would we be? Whether it’s a good idea like gravity, relativity, electricity or bad ideas like CFC, dictatorship, brutality, slavery they are the ones who have built us the way we are today. Because of the good ideas we progress and because of these bad ideas we learn something else. We learn which won’t work. I for one am very comfortable with who I am today. Because I have learnt so much from the ideas of others.

Ideas are just like evolution of species, if they are bad they are forgotten and if they are good they are always remembered. Sometimes it takes a long time to evolve, like it is taking us so damn long to overcome bad ideas like inequality based on race, gender and religion. But, no matter how long we will evolve beyond it. Like when Carl Sagan said “It will not be we who reach Alpha Centauri or other nearby stars. It will be a species very like us, but, with more of our strengths and fewer of our weaknesses.” So, I am not afraid of what we might lose. I am ready to explore and discover. I want to reach the farthest of the spaces and peer into the depth of our world. That’s who we are. We are our ideas. Hence, I believe ideas are worth the effort. That’s what has brought us here and will take us further.

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