I like travelling. Whether its train, bus or plane. I love to go around and visit places. But, sometimes we get to see which is hard to accept. The poverty the suffering in India is unthinkable. Today was one of those days which made me cry. People in India have accepted that the children who don’t have parents or are very poor they will have to beg to eat. Today while I was travelling to Kolkata, there was a kid of maybe 6-7 years old got up the train. At first he was making a noise like clapping so I thought here’s another transgender. But, then he approached to our seats and then I saw that it was just a kid. He was singing, whistling and time to time he was beating himself with a flat wooden piece on his bare back. The place where he was beating himself, there was a dark black coloured swelled area that he had created by beating himself there. I couldn’t look at him. He was hitting himself and then, used to hold where he had hit himself because of the pain. He was doing this just to get a bunch of money so he could eat. But, the most upsetting picture was seeing that nobody was ready to give him money. Why? Because they had given a bunch of money to the transgender that just came a little while earlier. Yes, I agree that transgender community have a lot of difficulty finding job themselves because of the stigma towards transgender people. I do agree that they don’t have it fair themselves. But, I don’t know why people are so much afraid of transgender that they will force you, they will touch you in uncomfortable places and that will be a humiliation for them. So people can’t handle humiliation that’s why they give them the money. But if you give lesser amount of money even like below five rupees or so then also you are going to get humiliated by the transgender. Therefore everyone was giving those 10 rupees each. But just when after fifteen minutes the kid came and asked for money they were sating “here comes another beggar”. They gave the transgender 10 rupees each but didn’t give a single rupee to the kid who was hurting himself to eat. When you ask them why they didn’t give him the money they would say “how many people are we going to give money?”

But the most devastating thing is the government has not done anything to prevent children to come to the streets. They live in the platform, they sweep the train for money, hit themselves, sing and beg. That’s their job and we have accepted it. But my question is why isn’t the government providing them with shelters and education? Why is there no foster care? It was so difficult to see what children are going through to get one time meal for themselves.. They don’t know joy, they don’t have education, they are the unwanted children of poverty.

I wish I was stable. I wish I could hug him and stop him from doing that. I wished to take him to an orphanage or somewhere where he will be taken care of. But even I couldn’t do that. Another beggar came in just after that and saw the kid begging to some people at far. She went to him and smacked him and told him to get off the train and not to come in this train. Maybe it was her territory. No kid was allowed to beg in that region. Then she started begging in the name of her lord. Please when you ask for money ask in your name only why does your god need money if he is almighty? I was so angry I would have slapped her right then and there. Are we not human anymore? How can we see these things happen but not do anything? These things consume me and makes me cry to see a child get hit not by any other person but himself. He had already accepted this as his fate. Because cannot see some person hit themselves so they will give him money and that’s how he is going to earn his money. It’s so sad to see him accept this fate as his. I hope he gets a better life than this. I urge people to help children like this and help them build their life well.