When I was a child I used to hear stories. Stories from my grandfather outside in the moonlight, stories of Rama(A Hindu Mythical God)  stories of Krishna(the same), Stories of heaven and earth, stories of gods and people, heroes and traitors, I always used to immerse in the story imagining how it would be to see that world. Although I didn’t remember the details of the story that he told me I remember imagining Sita being a daughter of a shopkeeper(although he might have narrated it as daughter of a king) and Ram, Lakshman and Sita going to the Jungle near my village for Banvas. When he used to talk about heaven, I remember asking him whether there was any stairs to heaven. He said “of course there is”. Then I asked him where it was. He said “no one has seen it yet” he said “only who die can go there”. Then I started to wonder what kind of stairs would they be. I imagined the stairs very big, like 20 meters across and infinitely elevated to the sky where eyes cannot reach. That is perhaps my first memories of being curious.

Then again I used to wonder about the people who would have to live near the edge of the world because I didn’t know that the earth was round then. I was just a kid. I didn’t bother to ask anyone because I saw the world flat. So it must have an edge. So they must be in a great danger as they might fall down from the edge. Then I wondered “what would happen to someone who would fall? where would he fall? or would he just fall into oblivion never ceasing to fall?” Then I though this is stupid. There must be something that keeps them from falling something like a great wall that is so high like the stairs to heaven that no could in their life could reach the edge to jump across. I used to think that the wall must go so high up to the sky to seal everyone inside this world. Yes I used to think that sky is a rigid thing above which every god resided(that my grandpa told me about). I used to think that because it used to rain from above so there must be water or perhaps ice which melted and fell when became water and sometimes there was showers of ice which we call hail. So I used to see these things and hear what others said and I used to dive deep into my imaginations.

And by the way this was all before the age of 5, these are all those wonderful memories that I have about the world and curiosity about it. And then I grew up gradually and these fantasies were understood through science. Imagine the day I got to know there was a country right beneath our feet on the other side of the world up side down. I was very puzzled with that thought. Because although at that age I got to know that earth was round I didn’t know about gravity. I thought “how are they able to survive then? How come they don’t fall down?” “They must be having something at their feet which ties them down to the ground” I thought. Although eventually I got to know all those answers and the magic behind all of that has vanished. Because I got to know why the things work the way they do. But I am definitely lying when I say the magic was gone. Because today I find myself more curious about stuffs. I feel even though I learnt so much I wanna know everything. I want to learn and teach and communicate to see the beauty that lies behind these wondrous universe. Every bit of puzzle everything that holds the universe together. Those fundamental questions fascinate me more now than they ever did. And I know this for a fact that its not just me who thought like this. Humans are born to be curious. Its in our genes. We wonder at the universe, we ask questions, we find answers, we love puzzles, we are who we are. So why have we stopped learning why the society has beaten out our curiosity out of us? Why stop to wonder when we can see the universe more clearly in its most beautiful and elegant way. Lets dream together, lets be curious.