I hate when people think they have the right to judge what we do in public. Of course there is a boundary after which it becomes indecent. But holding hands, a peck on a cheek or a kiss on the lips is not showing vulgarity. It’s showing affection. If they do think that it is indecent that what two persons are doing they shall inform the authority that can be police or security. But instead they take it upon themselves to punish those sinful indecent people. They say they don’t want to spoil their children and society that’s why they are doing this. I don’t get that. They don’t want their kids to grow up in an environment where they are independent to express their affection but they want to grow their children where their parents are beating the young people up for doing so.

I have seen some disturbing videos of moral policing in India that broke my heart. People beating a couple because they were sitting together holding hands in a park bench, bashing into rooms of resorts and beating the young girls up and making video of it.

I don’t get their mentality. Do they have no work or any entertainment in their life that they are doing this so they would feel good about themselves? And there are not just regular people there are some political groups who do this without any consequences.

I know many of the people cross a  boundary sometimes where they become vulgar for the public and if it happens please people, at least you show some decency and ask them to stop if not if it makes you uncomfortable then tell the police or security who is in charge. But, don’t try to take action on your own. If someone does become indecent in public eyes that doesn’t give you the right to show your judgment on them. How does it make you moral and decent? Please act with sanity. And to the people of my age group who are often caught in this act please know your limits.