It’s such a shame to see the SC denying the changes made in case of LGBT community that homosexuality is not a crime. Are they not human. It is natural that a small percentage of people will definitely be homosexual. It’s not only confined to humans but we can see homosexuality in every mammal. So its not that some people choose to be homosexual but nature has made them that way and it is completely normal.

SC denying the rights of LGBT community because there happens to have a very insignificant number of cases seen is not acceptable. No matter how much minor they are they are ultimately a part of our society and they have to have their human rights. If I have the right to marry a girl then they should have the right to marry who they wish. I don’t see what law has to do with this when both the partners are having a relationship with consent. So, what SC is ultimately trying to indicate is that if anyone is minor then they don’t have the right to live as themselves or they won’t be given justice. The law is for the society not against it. No matter how small the percentage of a community is they are a part of the society and we have to respect their rights and how they wanna live they life like. Ultimately this law has to change, its a shame that it still exists.