I hate it how people celebrate Diwali. I like festivals and I love meeting up with family and cherishing the festivities. But when it comes to Diwali people just go mad. They fill the street with dangerous and sometimes fatal explosive crackers. It is a celebration winning of light on darkness so, let’s just be humble about that and celebrate the way it’s meant to be celebrated without killing someone or giving someone a heart attack shall we? I was a Hindu once and I understand the importance of these festivities but I can’t tolerate it when it comes to blowing up a bomb near your house. Yes literally it feels like it. Maybe we should celebrate Diwali just like Diwali, not like a bombing competition between the streets alright. That is one aspect and another is producing so much of noxious gases think of the world you live before polluting it, that one day can produce a month’s pollution at once.

I am not saying that you don’t celebrate Diwali but I am saying celebrate like a sane person and celebrate with light and keep your environment pollution free and noise free. Happy Diwali.