After so many mysteries solved and so many development in science also there are people who think there is some guy up above the sky who watches over everyone. How can we be so stupid to recognize the language of science?! Science has taught us so many things and still trying to teach many others. But just because it doesn’t have answers to everything yet doesn’t imply the presence of God. In science it’s ok to say “we don’t know, yet”.
I don’t understand why people don’t see that there is no need of any presence of supernatural or God. Even some of my friends don’t see that. And that’s what worries me to see the delusion in everyone’s eyes. Although I can never make them see what exactly I see in the world or the way I feel about the universe and the nature I want them to once see the world through science which is open to question and learn for all. Maybe they never will. I am not implying anything that everyone is stupid but keeping a blind faith in something that doesn’t have the slightest evidence of existence and search for it is meaningless. If God existed obviously he didn’t want us to find him and clearly he doesn’t give a damn about the world and its people. So there is no meaning in worshiping him. If there was really a God then he should probably be ashamed of his creation and he should be ashamed for the innocent people and children dying every day without water and proper food. He must be a lousy creator after all. He should kill himself for the millions of people who were murdered in his name and for those scientists who questioned the authority through science.
I guess some people will never understand but that’s how they are. That’s how the world works right! Everyone is different from one another that’s evolution. If there wouldn’t be any difference then there would be no evolution to talk about. But we are humans, we have learnt through time to question everything we see and learn from our universe. We are born with curiosity and that’s the only thing that has kept us alive till this time. We have learnt to mend our brains and adapt to circumstances. I just hope that people realize this soon and will see the beauty of this world through science and then you will see more things to admire and cherish about than you what you see through the fog blanket of religion.