I just read a terrible story about a baby being burnt because a sect thought of him being an Antichrist. I don’t understand how were they able to even think of such thing. The baby was just three days old and in fact among the four accused of this crime one is the mother of the child. How can an infant has anything to do what-so-ever with religion or Christ? Where is their humanity? These people are one of the reasons I don’t believe in religion. I don’t need to have believe in God to judge what is right and what is wrong. Morality comes from mind not from God.

If I did a good deed irrespective of having a fear of God then I am more satisfied. But, doing something just because of fear of punishment is not that satisfactory is it? Religion is just a bunch of believes created by a community to show people what’s right and what’s wrong, I get it. But can’t we teach that in school or at home? Thinking of these invisible super-human being who would punish for wrong doings and reward for good is just creating chaos. People tend to lose their way in religion more often than radical thinking. Believing in God is a different thing than believing in a particular religion really. I don’t know what has gone wrong? But, it sure looks very corrupt to me. If God really existed then he would be very disappointed. Whether people have corrupted the religion or the other way around it still is pretty frustrating that where we humans stand on our moral levels. Of-course this is just not one incident. People have done so many terrible things in the name of religion. Its not the question whether you believe in God or not now the question is whether you believe in humanity & morality or not.