When I am alone I miss you, I miss you in sleepless nights;

Even in dreams I see you, and want to make you all just mine;

I miss the day you touched my lips, and the way you wrapped my arm around;

I miss the way you used to love me and those days will never be found;

I miss giving you that beautiful smile, I miss making you laugh;

I miss those days when we were one and you said you were my half;

I miss the wonders we saw together under this beautiful sky;

I promise I won’t repeat the past, I will never again make you cry;

I need the care you gave me once, I need that kiss of yours;

I need the same affection we had while watching the sunset shores;

I cannot help but miss your eyes and the deep ocean within;

The only regret I have today is how much ignorant I had been;

I cannot pretend not to love you anymore, I can’t resist my desire;

Come with me, my love; I promise you, you will be the queen of my empire.