We live in a generation where the biggest discoveries and the biggest questions has raised. Questions that are so fundamental that even a single answer could change the whole world as we know it.


In just the last century the biggest discoveries have been made and new fields of science has been developed to deeply understand the universe we live in. In the last few decades the technology as predicted has exponentially increased its capabilities and still improving each day. Now on this day we are capable of asking ourselves the questions like “can we ever find an alien intelligent life?”, “are there other universes out there?”, “how will the universe end?”, “why is the light’s speed 299 792 458 m / s?”, “does god exist?”, “what is consciousness?”, “can we travel to the past?”. These are the question many of our ancestors have pondered around with to their death bed and which till now has not been answered.


You see, this is the era where we are able to ask the big questions. We can see the that the most basic questions took a very long time to answer like gravity, relativity, electricity etc. But the technology created from it expanded like a virus. And now that these discoveries were made we have faced even greater and more complicated scenario.

Almost 4 billion years ago the earth and the solar system was created. The evolution took this long to make such a beautiful creature who was able to ask questions to himself and the world around it, who is passionate to know the meaning of life, who is able to discover and experiment with the world and tamed the whole world around it.

Maybe we will be able to answer these questions one day too. It may take a long while but I am so happy and fortunate to have born in this era and to witness the biggest revolution that science will go through till now. And gladly I can say that I am up for this roller-coaster ride.