I must say I love the rain. Rain brings with it the sweet feeling of happiness. I can stand in the rain forever listening to the sound of the raindrops, feeling the raindrops on my cheeks and imagining any 90s movie scene with me as the hero. I don’t know why but its cold breeze has a wonderful charm on me. The feeling of being free and unpredictable; the feeling of joy and pure happiness; the feeling of just being yourself; that’s all I can ask for.


Some of you will say its the weather for lazy people to sleep off the whole day and believe me when I say this, I am the laziest person I have ever known in my entire life. But rain makes me wanna celebrate and cherish it instead of just lying around day dreaming. I agree its dirty, unhygienic and a recipe for disaster when you would have planned for outing. But that’s the fun part right, not caring about yourself, costly clothes, your brand new shoes or your favorite watch; and just carelessly dancing to the rain. And of-course the thunder is the best thing that can happen when a girl is around. The freezing cold wind giving goosebumps creates such a rush in my blood.

When everyone is in rush to get under a shed or go their homes I like to walk wishing the moment to last forever. It brings a big smile on my face. It gives me the feeling of being in love and makes me forget the world behind me. That’s why I love the rain. Its just a small time vacation from this busy life to a wonderland.