Thad Roberts, the man who literally stole the moon for his girl. If you haven’t heard of him then you should definitely check out the book ‘Sex on the Moon’ or else wait for the movie to come. The book is by Ben Mezrich (author of ‘the accidental billionaires’ which was adapted by the film ‘the social network’), which tells the story about Thad, a genius who was a co-op at NASA at the age 22. Who then fell in love with a 19 year old beautiful biology intern at NASA. He wanted to give her the moon and so they managed to steal the moon stones which was brought by Neil Armstrong out of the highly secured place of NASA’s lab. And then tried to sell it outside which had a value of 500 billion $ and caught in the middle of the sting operation by the government. Then, he takes the blame to himself and serves 7 years of his life in the federal prison. If you are wondering why the title of the book was ‘sex on the moon’ then here is the reason. Because he had sex with his girlfriend spreading the moon stones on the bed. So, its like he literally had sex on the moon.

But, now he is totally determined to find out the most mysterious secrets of the universe. He is focused to find out the unifying theory of the universe as a tribute to Einstein. He has written a book ‘Einstein’s Intuition:Visualizing Nature in Eleven Dimensions’. His picture of space as made up of quanta is a unique way of looking at the universe for sure. It still needs to explain all the laws of physics and I am quite sure that It will be a hell of a ride.

And imagine if he would be able to become the next Einstein, I mean if his theory would be able to prove everything. Then he would be the next big thing in physics. His name would be carved next to Einstein, the greatest genius of the 20th century.