Einstein said time if flexible just as the space. They both cope with each other to make the whole world tic like it does today. He said when one increases the other decreases along with him(Space and Time I mean) i.e. when we travel faster in the space the time slows down for us and when you slow down it would gradually speed up. Till now what I think is we can only travel to the future as we have been doing our whole life but just a bit faster. If we would be able to travel at a very large speed or go under influence of a very strong gravitational force then we would have slowed the time down for ourselves. Therefore when we will stop and return to our world. It would seem like we have skipped many many years.

But why I think we cannot travel to the past is, if we were able to do that then we could have changed anything that we wanted. Which means any thing that we change might lead to ‘the butterfly effect’. There can be very wide difference in our future life. Like if you would kill your grandfather before your father was born then how would you define your existence. Some of the physicists say, the universe will somehow twist the situations so that we wont be able to threaten our existence. But I think if you would be able to just avoid their first date or something then also there might be serious results that might result to delay of your father’s birth and hence might as well effect yours. So, I think that every time that we would travel in time to the past, we will end up in a different universe where so much would have changed.  However, this debate will never end till someone can exactly prove that time travel to the past is possible.

The scientists’s group called Opera tried to use Nutrino for accelerating it faster than light. But, of course they failed. They really shocked the world when they said that they found the Nutrino travelling faster than the speed of light. It threatened the very foundation of Einstein’s theory of relativity. We already know that anything travelling faster than light will be travelling to the past. So, that means the information sent with it would reach us before we even sent them and this is what makes this idea so bizarre. Would it be possible to travel backward in time ?