The Hall Day celebration at my hostel was ok. Image

Alright I am being modest. It wasn’t ok but, it was really great to be honest. The heat picked up after the first dance act by some electrical students. I really enjoyed the night. Up here I was with Rajat and Raj.

And this beauty over here is Nivedita, one of my close friends.

And down here of course with one of my best friends Bhola. The thing I like about him is he always dances like a mad dog even after getting injured. Really I mean it, literally. He got injured on the dance floor and was bleeding but he’s like ‘who f*king cares ?’ and continued with his rhythm. You can clearly see his injury near his elbow in the picture.


I really suck at dancing so I had to stay aside. Another reason for not dancing is to avoid getting stepped on by others. However, it was at least the best Hall Day celebration in NIT history that I can remember. I had a great time for sure.